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MATH 2530 Introductory Data Science, Ohio University, Fall 2022-23

Homework and Lab links will launch directly into Ohio University’s JupyterHub. If you do not have access to that, then you can see them in the class public repository.

Many things will fill in or be modified as we go along, so this calendar should always be considered a draft.

Week 11

Oct 31
Nov 1

Lab Lab 11: Regression

Nov 2
Nov 4

Homework Homework 11: Classification

Week 12

Nov 7

Test through Chapter 3

Nov 8

Lab Labs 12 and 13: Movie Classification

Nov 9

4.3. Unsupervised Learning

Nov 11

Veterans day holiday, no class

Week 14

Nov 21

5.3. Transparency of Methods and Analysis

5.4. Sampling Bias

Nov 22

Lab as Lab 14, finish Project 1: World Progress

Nov 23

Thanksgiving holiday, no class

Nov 25

Thanksgiving holiday, no class

Week 15

Nov 28

Test through Chapter 4

Nov 29

Lab Lab 15: Data Ethics Concepts

Nov 30
Dec 2

Homework Homework 15: Data Ethics Scenarios

Week 16

Dec 7

Final exam, 12:20-2:20pm, in our regular classroom.